Glass Block Leak Proof Windows - Select Basement Waterproofing New Jersey 07751

Glass Block Leak Proof Windows

Wind-driven rain and ground water enter your basement windows at the casing joint because of tremendous pressure exerted by the earth on subterranean walls. This stress eventually causes a path of least resistance. Most basement windows are made with log-grade glass. Wrapped in wood, aluminum or vinyl casing – which leak and rot, eventually rot – and become difficult to open and close over time. The best options are choosing a window that requires zero maintenance and is proven to be 100% leak free!

Do Block Windows come in different colors? The answer is no. But, they come in different lucent shades. Most of our customers are looking for more sunlight with more privacy. The photos to the right display frost gloss or clear – which can be installed in one day – at 50% less than Everlast windows and window wells. This application design is exclusive to Select Basement Waterproofing and is guaranteed for life… with a money back guarantee!

Most waterproofing companies do not offer services other than French drains, nor do they have the staff to provide custom services like: Basement Finishing, Humidity Control, Radon Systems, Thermal Walls, Rigid Wall Panels, Rubber Membranes, Hydrotexing, Structural Repair, Cosmetic Replacement, Etc. But Select Does!

When it comes to your basement’s appearance – you will not find a more passionate company than Select. Guaranteed!