05/07/2015 – Janet Salozzo - Select Basement Waterproofing New Jersey 07751

05/07/2015 – Janet Salozzo

Whenever there were heavy rainstorms, one area of the enclosed back porch would hold a big puddle of water.   I was afraid that due to this problem there would be mold present behind the paneled walls.  I was advised to get a french drain installed outside of the porch in order to take care of this problem.  I called Select Basement (after reading all of the great reviews) on a Sunday evening expecting to leave a message on a machine.  Instead an answering service took my information down and told me that somebody would contact me on Monday.  Sure enough, Monday morning a service representative called and arranged for an appointment the following day.  The selected technician, DJ, came at the appointed time (even calling beforehand to let me know he was on his way).  DJ looked at the area of concern and then proceeded (with my permission) to take away the damaged paneling and insulation to check for mold.  Luckily, none was found!  He then went outside the porch and spotted what he considered to be the main source of the problem.  The gutter extension wasn’t long enough to carry away all of the water from the rooftops since the backyard area was very low and flat.  He recommended a 10 foot gutter extension with additional flashing around the cement foundation area.  He gave me an estimate for a french drain in case these options didn’t work.  I was very impressed with his honesty, professionalism and overall pleasant demeanor.  He easily could have sold me a french drain instead of suggesting a much less expensive alternative.  I am very grateful for the service I received and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them or use them again.

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Jerome Fokas

Jerome Fokas

Jerome Fokas is the President of Select Basement Waterproofing, and has more than 15 years of professional basement waterproofing installation and ownership experience.