05/31/2016 – Colin Gigl - Select Basement Waterproofing New Jersey 07751

05/31/2016 – Colin Gigl

By the time we called Select, I’d consulted with three other basement companies about a puddle we were getting in our basement. The first two had recommended a completely new drainage system for our basement (one at a price of ~$4k, the other at $14k — yes, $14k), despite already having one, while the third had said it wasn’t a problem without drainage. DJ came down and took a look to see what was up. Not only was he very friendly, knowledgeable, and took his time, but he also arrived at the conclusion that, while it was possible there was a problem with our drainage, he didn’t think that was the issue. He recommended holding off on any work until we could figure out the issue as he didn’t feel comfortable doing basement work without a clear idea of what was happening. No sales pitch, just an apology for not being able to figure out exactly what it was and a promise to come back if we needed work. Turns out, he was right: it wasn’t our drainage at all, just one of the boilers in the basement on the fritz.

While I can’t speak to their work, compared to the first two companies we used, Select were wonderful. I wouldn’t hesitate to call them again.

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Jerome Fokas

Jerome Fokas

Jerome Fokas is the President of Select Basement Waterproofing, and has more than 15 years of professional basement waterproofing installation and ownership experience.