06/01/2013 – Christine Bourke - Select Basement Waterproofing New Jersey 07751

06/01/2013 – Christine Bourke

They arrived on time ( 10 AM ) the day of the install. I was apprehensive that they would damage our lawn going back & forth out of the bilco doors with the concrete they jackhammered up and bringing in all the other materials. I was also worried that the dust from the jackhammer would create too much dust throughout the house. Well all my fears were unfounded…as I said they came in at 10 AM and completed the entire job by 4PM that very same afternoon!!! The workers never used a wheelbarrel to cart any of the materials..they used the big mud buckets to take out and bring in everything including the new cement. They were extremely neat and we had minimal to no concrete dust in the upstairs of our house!! I think at one time they had 14+ workers doing the install. A slight problem came up but they found a way to make it all work. We went thru & inspected the job with the foreman. They cleaned up the entire area and painted the surrounding walls with a clean white paint. WE are 100% satisfied with the entire operation from quote to install. We have not been able to actually see how the system will perform as we have not had any bad weather with heavy rain since the install…but we feel much better if a storm does come as with the project a battery back up pump was also installed.

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Jerome Fokas

Jerome Fokas

Jerome Fokas is the President of Select Basement Waterproofing, and has more than 15 years of professional basement waterproofing installation and ownership experience.