06/03/2014 – Richard Fogel - Select Basement Waterproofing New Jersey 07751

06/03/2014 – Richard Fogel

I got them through Angie’s List. They did a good job. They were fantastic! They were well organized, moved with military precision, and everyone knew their job and did their job. They were very lighthearted, and it was a good atmosphere. The work progressed smoothly and quickly, they did a good job with making sure nothing else got damaged, and moving stuff that was not in the contract for them to move. They did whatever they could to make the job go smoothly and they scheduled great. They were animals. We were totally happy with them. We researched and we checked a whole bunch of people online on Angie’s List, and we ended up going with these guys. All of them, even from the people who did the estimate to the people on the phone, were excellent. They were totally professional. I have a special amount of trust for them. I like working with guys that are having fun.

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Jerome Fokas

Jerome Fokas

Jerome Fokas is the President of Select Basement Waterproofing, and has more than 15 years of professional basement waterproofing installation and ownership experience.