11/27/2013 – Adam Stern - Select Basement Waterproofing New Jersey 07751

11/27/2013 – Adam Stern

These guys were awesome.  Had twelve guys in our basement who worked quickly and cleanly.  Each one knew their job and together, they were a machine.  What would have taken me months by myself, was knocked out in two days.  They were actually so good – that they stopped the rain!  That’s the reason for my delayed review.  Just wanted to be sure that this wasn’t too good to be true!  So with yesterday and today’s rain, we’ve got two sump pumps working smoothly and a dry basement.  Good thing.  Flooring comes next week!
Jason, Dillon, Tommy – well done!

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Jerome Fokas

Jerome Fokas

Jerome Fokas is the President of Select Basement Waterproofing, and has more than 15 years of professional basement waterproofing installation and ownership experience.