Step #1 – Total Basement Waterproofing

Allenhurst Waterproofing Professionals Select Basement Finishing From Start to FinishDo what your home’s builders didn’t! Most builders are neglectful in their designs as to what is absolutely necessary to assure a dry basement. As you may have noticed, your basement walls (interior or exterior) have never been waterproofed with a rubber membrane. And, your basement floor has never been properly protected below the slab to manage hydrostatic pressure. According to the Home Inspection Census Report, 98% of all basements will eventually leak do to builder neglect.

Step #2 – Install a Thermal Barrier

Atlantic Highlands Waterproofing Professionals Select Basement Finishing From Start to FinishEliminates wall moisture, saves on energy bills and is tax-deductible! Reflective Insulation has become a standard component in total basement insulation systems, and is tax-deductible!

The Thermal Armor matrix design provides two vital components:

  1. As a non-delaminate insulator – you never have to worry about deter ration from wall moisture. The problem with Standard fiber class insulation other than breathing in the air-borne filaments is de-lamination due to thermal bypass through concrete walls.
  2. Thermal Armor also offers a continuous vapor barrier into the drainage system to contain wall condensation. Most people are unaware the thermal temperature 4 feet below the soils surface is 55 degrees 365 days of year. That thermal mass migrates through your foundation walls and then mixes with the ambient air causing moisture. Moisture, other than occasional seepage is the leading cause for mold growth and rot. Our customers are calling the Thermal Armor – a miracle design!

Step #3 – Framing

Belford Waterproofing Professionals Select Basement Finishing From Start to FinishIf you’re Green-Friendly, we can use Galvanized studs instead of wood.

Here we are framing out the soffit to hide the HVAC trunk lines and all unsightly obstructions. If you look at the next couple of pictures – you will not believe you are looking at the same ceiling? Unbelievable! With the right about of passion, equipment and team talent – we can take the ordinary to the extraordinary!

Step #4 – Your choice: Conventional Sheet rock, Purple Rock, Dura-Rock, Aqua Fiber Rock!

Colts Neck Waterproofing Professionals Select Basement Finishing From Start to FinishAqua Fiber Rock by “USG” is the super sheet rock of the industry. Dent resistant, super water-resistant, mold proof, class “A” fire rated. And it hangs just like sheet rock. Paints like sheet rock, looks like sheet rock. But its 100x stronger than sheet rock! What ever you do – don’t punch it … you might break your hand. I am sure a woman mind was behind this.

Englishtown Waterproofing Professionals Select Basement Finishing From Start to FinishWhat’s truly unique about finishing basements is their appointed details; crown molding, recess lighting, trophy lights, 6 panel doors, wrap around custom paint… you would never know – you were in a basement! Now this is truly beyond – basement walls!

A finished basement should resemble the third level of your home – not a trailer!

I can’t image anyone buying into soft fabric wall systems that look like an office cubical or the inside of a RV trailer – let alone, some pre-panel Styrofoam (Tuxedo) wall system. And what if you ever get tired of the fabric color – or it rips, tears, snags, bruises… And how do you clean it – without voiding the warranty. Read the fine print… we did!

Keyport Waterproofing Professionals Select Basement Finishing From Start to FinishWhat an awesome concept design to accent a long wall. Can you imagine a sophisticated impression for a long hallway entrance or a Home Theater wall? We’d be surprised if you could do that with a prefab wall system. (We didn’t think so either).

Elegant Custom Staircases

Freehold Basement Professionals Select Basement Finishing From Start to FinishDon’t you just love that good old fashion setting! Give me that good Old fashion up stairs look, down stairs. Unless your up-stairs is a trailer! Then please accept my apologies…

Ordinary to Extraordinary Home Theaters!

Cliffwood Basement Professionals Select Basement Finishing From Start to FinishCan you imagine a 160 inch LCD picture? Finished entertainment rooms custom-built for those who appreciate all things digital! May I suggest scheduling a private VIP test ride… and by all means, bring 6 of your friends – admission is FREE! And please leave your checkbook home, but do bring your favorite Blue Ray DVD. When you visit, be prepared to be blown away!

Truly a relentless pursuit of perfection that entertains twelve comfortably! Bartenders not included… but can be arranged! Please call today, to reserve your private test drive!

We will never use high pressure sales, price haggling, false discounts, and scare tactics to get your business. We leave that to the other companies. Schedule your free estimate today»