No job is to big, or in this case, to small. We can help waterproof any size space, from huge basements to short ceiling crawl spaces professionally. Select Basement uses only the highest quality products and tools allowing our company to professionally waterproof anywhere inside your home. Don’t be led on by other contractors, paying more in labor for them not having the appropriate tools to complete the job in time. Use Select Basement for crawl space waterproofing and get the job done right the first time!

There are several materials used to improve waterproofing effectiveness as well as for overall home comfort. The shinny silver lining is our Thermalwall shield insulation, which is used to eliminate wall moisture, saves on energy bills, and is tax deductible! Reflective insulation has become a standard component in total basement insulation systems. As a non-delaminate insulator – you never have to worry about deter ration from wall moisture. We have also installed encapsulation, which is the 10mm thick white floor lining. This is used to keep water vapor and moister out of your crawlspace, significantly reduces humidity. Not only does it also keep you off the dirt when you need to go to your crawlspace, but it also keeps bugs from entering your home. Our customers love our encapsulation for just this reason alone and will highly recommend it.