A New and Simple Way to Protect Finished Basement

A unique product designed to help protect your home from water damage.

The Patent Pending Dual Seal Drain™ system includes top and bottom drains. The top drain allows you to monitor water leaks from the walls, windows, and pipes, while it also acts as a back-up to the main drain and directs water to the sump pump.

The Dual Seal Drain system can close most types of French drains and keep the drain working.

Dual Seal Drain 1 Dual Seal Drain

The Dual Seal Drain system is comprised of a variety of components that will fit any size and shape basement. From corners to end caps, the drain can be sealed to help prevent water from flooding your home.

The Dual Seal Drain system was not created to replace a fully-warranted French drain system.

The Dual Seal Drain™ system is a revolutionary product that allows the existing drain system to function as designed and capture small leaks from above. The Dual Seal Drain system can be installed with most pre-existing drains.

Dual Seal Drain 2 Dual Seal Drain

• Top-quality engineered system components
• Full line of fittings for complete systems
• Durable PVC construction
• Seals to foundation and floor
• Non-invasive install application
• Installs with some pre-existing drainage systems
• Ideal for crawl space installation

• Allows for proper radon system sealing without compromising waterproofing system
• Helps prevent radon entry through perimeter drain of concrete slabs while allowing water to drain
• Helps prevent mold and mildew growth from water leaks
• Easy glue to floor installation

Additional features of the Dual Seal Drain:

Dual Seal Drain 3 Dual Seal DrainDual Seal Drain 4 Dual Seal DrainDual Seal Drain 5 Dual Seal Drain