Mold and Mildew are both signs of moisture issues.

Select’s Mold Solutions for Basements & crawl spaces are second to none! The home’s basement or crawl space is the perfect place for mold and mildew to form, grow, and cause problems. Mold requires a cool, damp, dark area with food, namely things that the mold can break down such as wood, boxes, paper, or other organic material.

Select Basement can clean and remove mold growth or over growth. Removing and remediation for mold in the basement is important to protecting the health of the homeowner and a necessary step before properly waterproofing.

Certain types of mold can be dangerous and it’s important for this reason to take any mold seriously. Mold has been linked to respiratory and nerve complications.

Select can remove mold and clean the basement and crawl space before waterproofing

Solutions For Basement Mold

scan0052 Mold Remediation & RemovalEven small amounts of mold and mean that the basement has water problems or that there is a larger mold issue behind finished walls. Read our Mold Facts! Addressing and solving moisture and humidity issues in a basement can limit mold growth and protect your family. Learn more about some of Select Basement’s options for controlling Humidity and Moisture, Waterproofing, and Dehumidifiers.


Don’t Suffer From A Mold Nightmare!