Most builders, architects, and engineers are clueless as to what is necessary to assure a dry basement or crawlspace. As you may have noticed your basement walls (interior or exterior) have never been waterproofed with heated membrane. And, your basement floor has never been properly protected below the slab to control hydrostatic pressure. Let me ask you a question. What is concrete made of – Hum? Sand, gravel, portland/lime and water. Concrete may seem solid, but it is very porous! Now you get it. Your foundation walls are sucking up the water like a sponge below and around your foundation walls. And when the water pushes up against your basement floor, footer and foundation walls, it leaks. Better yet, it’s decomposing. To truly waterproof any material, you must encapsulation the porous object to repel its saturation point. So I ask you. What has your builder done, or better yet, what you done to waterproof your foundation walls or floors? And don’t say dry-loc. There isn’t any type of paint on the face of the earth that could waterproof concrete. If there were, the Hoover Dam would have been painted many years ago.

The problem with foundation waterproofing is… “too many know it alls”. It has cost Select Basement Waterproofing over $100,000 dollars to invent a product that can absolutely waterproof concrete, as well as make the foundation walls 5x stronger. What has your advisor created? Other than suggestions like: re-grade, extend your downspouts, paint your walls, install a sump pump, install a French drain – or buy some waterproofing dirt.

Which of the above methods repels water: stops saturation, manages hydrostatic pressure, strengthens your concrete 5x, reduces mold growth, reduces UV rays of radon gas, insulates and protects your future basement finishing investment! Our HydroTex membrane comes with a lifetime money back warranty – and our customers are singing – when it rains. Are you ready to join the list!

How much will it cost to waterproof my basement? Can you give me a ball park figure?

Ask 100 contractors, and get 100 different prices. It all starts off with: our pipe is better, bigger, squarer, rounder, deeper, or engineered. And then the awards come out, Angies list, BBB Torch awards, NAWSRC membership, HBA, NARI…. Blah bla bla – and then some subcontractor shows-up at your house and installs the sophisticated system. Yeah right.

Believe it or not! You can install all of the above items from any company and spend 10’s of thousands of dollars and still not be 100% dry – OUCH! Think about it. Not a single item waterproofed the wall or the floor. It only equalizes or manages the flow – which is important. However, if you want to prepare your basement for finishing! You need to hire a company that specializes in a floor and wall membrane, plus all of the above. Beware of clever salesman, with a one call close agenda – that use “Real Estate Crew” discounts for immediate installation. Good luck with your search!

We will never use high pressure sales, price haggling, false discounts, and scare tactics to get your business. We leave that to the other companies.