The Bad & Ugly – Solving Serious Basement Problems

Select Basement Waterproofing prides itself on performing quality, lasting, and cost-effective waterproofing and foundation repairs. Over the years we have come across many homes in New Jersey in need of serious help from previously installed solutions. Everything you see, we repaired! We include these pictures, not to scare you, but to caution you not to jump into anything without knowing the facts or knowing what you’re having installed.

Buyer Beware!

Buyers beware, don’t be fooled into letting let salesman tell you that everyone does the same thing, everyone performs the same quality of work, or that all drains are the same. Here are some images of drains that have failed, clogged, or have been poorly installed. Everything you see, we repaired!

As you can see…

Redo Systems

Every Day we are faced with fixing the mistakes of lesser quality competitors who are more focused on shortcuts rather than the customers needs for long term lasting solutions. Real quality work will speak for itself… EVERY TIME! Everything you see, we’ve repaired!

In the pictures below, you can see the buildup up mold and mildew building up on the walls after a poor waterproofing install. Mold can be extremely dangerous and hazardous to anyone’s health. Below the surface is water, built up and lay static, almost always resulting in what you see and what you can smell. In this case, poor piping was used, and what was used was laid in poor horizontal positing resulting in a clogged pipe. Cheap, already less efficient, pipe caused less water flow and more buildup. After we dug up all the bad material and replaced the rock bedding with new unmolded crushed rock, we began replacing the plastic cheap pipes with our own drain design for long term durability and a more efficient flow of water.

Sump Pumps – All Wrong

A poor sump pump installation can lead to major repair cost and horrifying damages. It is very important to have the proper sump pump configuration for this is the heart of your waterproofing system. Everything you see, we repaired!

The Nightmares You’ve Heard About

Here are just a few images of those nasty nightmare stories you’ve probably heard about. Improper French drain installations can lead to bad mold problems, forcing you to redo you whole entire installation. Let us do you waterproofing system installation and rest assured that it will be done right the first time around.

The Water You Can’t See

Here are some pictures of water that you never even knew was there, just laying around waiting to come into your home.

Walls Filled With Water

Here are some good pictures of walls secretly filled with water. If your walls look like this, it’s a very good idea to have them professionally drained before you end up with bigger problems. Everything you see, we repaired!

At The Curb Once Again

Don’t become victim to a poor installation. Make sure you understand what you’re getting, how and why it’s effective in protecting your home, and make sure that the company will stand by their work like Select Basement does. Everything you see here, we repaired!

Poor Exterior French Drain Installations

A poor French drain installation can be a costly mistake, inside or outside of the home. Here you can see the cheap quality and poor installation of an exterior French Drain. This kind of exterior setup is the least expensive route, which is why it is so common among builders. Unfortunately, this won’t work to help protect your basement and their walls from developing water problems. Everything you see, we repaired!