Henry French1 Henry FrenchOne hundred and fifty years ago, Henry Flagg French, an American Farmer & Inventor from Massachusetts, invented a clever and practical method of removing water from home basements and cellars. Henry French knew that poor drainage of water led to disease and sickness in both people and livestock. Henry had a great passion for agriculture; inspired by his passion he invented one of the world’s most important designs in American history. Removing the water would remove the cause of dieses.

Henry installed his first French Drain design in his own home basement after it had previously flooded. With his new drain design, he had successfully created a dry environment, free of any organisms that were a prime source for disease at the time. His invention inspired the modern day French Drain, which is now known as the leading method of removing water and moisture caused by seepage into basement, even in new home construction.

Most homeowners seldom think of their cellar or basement of anything more than a storage space or perhaps just a place to do their laundry. Maybe even an exercise room or a playroom. However no matter what you use your basement for, that musky odor is often overlooked. The vast majority of basements within the United States have dangerous water and moister seeping in through your basement walls and floors. Iron Bacteria carried in by the water and the moisture provides an ideal condition to promote the growth of mold and mildew. Any moisture in a basement is guaranteed to leave you with the musky odors, which has been proven to be a health hazard to anyone with allergies or a sensitive respiratory system. Removing the water and moister solves the problem.

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