Sump Pumps & Battery Backup Pumps

The AquaStop™ Sump Pump liner encases a reliable Sump Pump and/or Battery Backup Pump. Unlike other pumps in the industry, the Pro Series pump carries a three-year warranty. Together with the AquaStop Sump Pump liner, it is designed and installed in a manner that does not undermine the integrity of the foundation. A double switch makes sure it turns on when it’s supposed to assure its dependability.

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Select Basement Waterproofing recognizes the AquaStop™ pump and technology as the right choice for any basement waterproofing or crawl space waterproofing system. Select Basement Waterproofing only uses pumps that are tested and rated for high performance and dependability.

For peace of mind, install a Deluxe AquaStop™ Sump Pump Package!

Advance alarm system:

  • Which alerts you when batteries need replacing
  • Provides an easy test switch
  • Tells you when AC power to the unit is out (circuit breaker blown or unit unplugged)
  • Alerts you when pump is clogged or broken and needs to be cleaned or replaced
  • Pumps automatically when water volume exceeds the capacity of the main AC pump

Additional Benefits:

  • Efficient 12-volt pump puts less drain on the batteries so they can pump longer
  • Batteries can be linked for longer pump ability
  • User Friendly – Detects irregularities, sounds an alarm, and pinpoints problems and solutions on the control panel

AC-Power Primary Sump Pump Features:

  • Stainless steel cast iron
  • Energy efficient (less than 50% electricity used among leading pumps)
  • Upper and lower ball bearing (Perfectly balanced shaft and impeller)
  • Removable strainer
  • Dual float controller (For extra reliability)
  • Continuous duty construction
  • Alarm system hook-up (connect to home security system)
  • Alarm Alerts home owner of switch and/or pump problems

Get Professional Protection With AquaStop™ Sump Pumps!

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The AquaStop™ Sump Pumps are rated for continuous duty, which means they are built to run continuously 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. They’re strong and dependable, and when they are used intermittently in a Grate Sump application, it extends the life of the sump pump.