Hydroduct® 220

Pre-fabricated geocomposite drain for use as a combined drainage and protection layer with GCP waterproofing membranes

Product Description

Hydroduct® 220 is a strong, preformed 0.44 in. (11 mm) thick geocomposite drainage sheet system, comprising a hollow studded polystyrene core, covered on one side with a nonwoven, needle punched polypropylene filter fabric and on the other side with a smooth polymeric film.


Hydroduct® 220 is designed primarily for use with waterproofing materials in vertical installations.

Hydroduct® 220 has been specially developed to provide a simple and highly practical collector and deflector of unwanted ground water on foundation walls, retaining walls, tunnels and planters. It can be used with Preprufe®, Procor®, or Bituthene® waterproof membranes. When installed it protects the membrane from damage and minimizes the build-up of percolated surface water against the structure. The construction of the studded sheet also creates an air void to isolate the structure from the effects of the surrounding ground.

Hydroduct® 220 has been designed to withstand ground pressures and the compaction forces of wet concrete to maintain a high water flow capacity. The drainage sheet must be connected into the site drainage system to minimize hydrostatic build-up and collect infiltrated water using Hydroduct® Coil 600 or traditional perforated pipes wrapped and linked with the geotextile filter fabric to prevent clogging.

hydroduct 220 application Hydroduct® 220Product Advantages

  • Enhances waterproofing—eliminates hydrostatic pressure build-up
  • Efficient water collector/deflector—can be used as a sandwich drainage layer between lagging and the reinforced concrete structure
  • Smooth polymeric sheet—compatible with Preprufe®, Procor,® or Bituthene® membranes
  • Simple convenient drainage and protection layer—serves as robust membrane protection and drainage
  • Geotextile fabric filter—allows ground water to pass into the drain core while restricting the movement of soil particles
  • High flow capacity—drains 17 gals/min./ft (211 L/min./m) width
  • Rot proof—unaffected by permanent immersion in water, bacteria, dilute acids and alkalis
  • Economical—eliminates imported aggregate drainage layers
  • Studded core—allows water to flow to designated drainage collection points