Hydrotex is a Select Basement Waterproofing exclusive product. Developed and supplied only by Select Basement & setting new standards everywhere! Hydrotex is completely 100% waterproof and available in 150 colors to match your basement needs. Hydrotex will never chip, breakdown, or crack and is warrantied for a lifetime. This product is a must for anyone who is serious about protecting there basement and everything inside it. Don’t let your finished basement end up at the curb or in the dumpster. Protect it with Hydrotex!

Hydrotex Waterproof Basement Coating

Hydrotex Thermowall spray coatings, is exclusive to Select Basement Waterproofing, 100 percent waterproof, and warrantied to minimize the effects of moisture and dampness forever! Hydrotex is part of our Basement Waterproofing solutions.
It is one of the finest quality materials ever developed for the waterproofing industry. Warrantied to stop water cold in it’s tracks. Right where water belongs, outside!

It is highly recommended for anyone planning on building a finished basement. Hydrotex will protect it all. Or, for the piece of mind that you will never, EVER, have to even think of your basement water damage problem ever again! WARRANTIED!]

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Hydrotex Waterproofing

Hydrotex… will never chip, crack, blister, or bubble. Hydrotex is a spray-on thermowall coating, 100 percent waterproof and currently available in 150 different colors to match whatever you need to waterproof. Hydrotex spay coatings are not for just floors, and because it’s flexible rubberized membrane can be sprayed on, it can be used just about anywhere inside your home, and make it completely waterproof for a lifetime.

We have had more than hundreds of completely satisfied customers that have used our Hydrotex product. And we recommend it highly to any of our customers serious about keeping water out forever, as well if you’ve had several extensive repairs. The pride product of our company, together with our dedication, and professional contracting…THERE IS NO COMPETITION! Let us show you how we can put it to use inside your home.