Redo Systems

Every Day we are faced with fixing the mistakes of lesser quality competitors who are more focused on shortcuts rather than the customers needs for long term lasting solutions. Real quailty work will speak fir itself….EVERYTIME!

Everything you see, we’ve repaired!

In the pictures below, you can see the buildup up mold and mildew building up on the walls after a poor waterproofing install. Mold can be extremely dangerous and hazderous to anyone’s health. Below the surface is water, buit up and lay static, almost allways resulting in what you see and what you can smell. In this case, poor piping was used, and what was used was laid in poor horizontal positing resulting in a clogged pipe. Cheap, already less efficient, pipe caused less water flow and more buildup. After we dug up all the bad material and replaced the rock bedding with new unmolded crushed rock, we began replacing the plastic cheap pipes with our own drain design for long term durability and a more efficient flow of water.