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Why You Should Have A Battery Backup System Trenton, NJ

Why You Should Have A Battery Backup System Trenton, NJ

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, you need to have a dependable sump pump and a good battery backup system. Because of their location below other floors of a building, basements and crawlspaces are prone to flooding, and this can cause notable damage and health issues in your home.

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When water accumulates in your basement or crawlspace, the moisture can cause significant damage to the floor and walls. Humid conditions also cause the growth of mold, which apart from causing damage to drywalls walls, ceilings and other structures, also causes health problems like allergies and respiratory issues.

It is therefore important to have a mechanism that can efficiently and consistently remove water from areas that are prone to flooding. One of the ways to achieve this is by installing a sump pump and having a reliable battery backup system.

Sump pump?

This is a device that is used to remove water from areas that are susceptible to flooding. To play their role effectively, sump pumps are positioned in the lowest points in a home, notably within the crawlspace or the basement.

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How a sump pump works

A sump pump is designed such that it turns on automatically when the level of water at the point where it is located reaches a certain point. This happens during occurrences such as flooding when it rains or when there is a substantial leakage from the plumbing systems. The sump pump removes the water and dumps it at a designated area outside through its discharge pipe.

How a battery backup system can help you

A battery backup system helps ensure that your sump pump is on standby at all times. Interestingly, flooding of the basement is in most cases associated with bad weather. Storms and falling trees can leave you without power. Yet it is during storms that your sump pump needs to be up and running.

With a battery backup system, you are able to protect your home from flooding by ensuring that your sump pump has power even when the mains electricity fails. A battery backup system turns on automatically any time there is a power outage in your home.

So, by installing a good battery backup system, you will not have any reason to worry in the event that there is a storm because your sump pump will function normally.

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Signs That Your Sump Pump or Battery Backup System Needs Replacement New Brunswick, NJ

If you have a basement or crawlspace, it’s wise to have a sump pump and battery backup system installed to prevent flooding. With these systems in place, you can rest assured that you won’t wake up to a flooded basement.

However, like anything else, sump pumps and backup systems don’t run forever. With regular maintenance, a good system can last for well over 20 years and keep your space moisture-free and safe. There are instances when these systems fail sooner than anticipated. When this happens, your home becomes vulnerable to flood damage. It’s therefore important to be on the lookout for signs that your sump pump or battery backup system needs replacement. sump pit liner 239x300 Signs That Your Sump Pump or Battery Backup System Needs Replacement New Brunswick, NJ

  1. Vibrating excessively

Sump pumps vibrate when water flows through them. They may even vibrate more vigorously when the occasional dirt or gravel is drawn up into the impeller. Solid objects that come into contact with the impellers can damage them. This can result in the unit vibrating excessively.

When your unit sounds louder or is vibrating more than it did previously, it’s time to call in a professional technician to have a look. They can diagnose the issue and provide you with a solution. You may have to replace the pump. You will also have to attend to the part of the system that is letting gravel and dirt into the drain.

  1. Age

How long have you had the sump pump and the backup system? If you’ve had it for several years, it may have reached the end of its life and may not be useful anymore. Your system may not be able to handle the same volume of water it did in the past. It may break down in the middle of a storm and leave you with a flooded home.

Have a technician inspect your system and help you determine if you need to install a new pump.

  1. Rust

Pumping systems with metal bits may succumb to rust over time. This is because the systems are constantly exposed to water and bacteria. This eventually leads to formation of rust. The accumulation of rust in your system, especially around the terminals of the battery, can result in extensive damage and complete failure of the system. It can leave you with a flooded basement.

  1. The system is continuously running

If the system is running even when water is not flowing into the basement, it’s wise to have it checked by a technician. The system may not be working properly. The pump may burn out as a result of running for too long.

Ensure that your system is inspected at least once a year. Regular maintenance can help to prolong the life of your system. However, when the time comes to replace it, be sure you do so as soon as possible to protect your property.

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How Sump Pump Discharge Lines Function | Somerset County, NJ

Sump Pump Discharge Lines

Our sump pump discharge lines are often the last things we consider when we talk about basement waterproofing systems, yet are a very important piece. Your sump pump discharge lines can have a direct impact on how well your basement waterproofing system performs, and should be evaluated to increase system efficiency and prevent backup.

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Problems with improperly set-up sump pump discharge lines

One of the more common things we see with improperly set-up discharge lines is an overabundance of angled fittings. Understandably, some basement and crawl space layouts don’t necessarily allow for a nice, short, straight exit out of the home, but you certainly don’t want a “pipe-rollercoaster” downstairs. This can lead to severely decreased water output, and strain on your sump pump’s motor.

Another item to consider is winter freezing. During the wet Spring months, you may want the water to discharge far away from your foundation, so you extend the line far away. During the winter months however, this can increase the risk of freezing. A frozen discharge line can mean a freshly burned out sump pump, as well as water backing up into your home. Reduce this risk by shortening your discharge line in the winter, and check it periodically.

How often does your sump pump burn out? Share your experience below in the comments! Contact us today ( (800) 593-8379) for a FREE Estimate on sump pump installation.

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Benefits of a GrateSump in Trenton NJ

Benefits of a GrateSump

The basement is an important part of any home. Basements can serve as a valuable place for storage, as well as a place for family members to hang out. Unfortunately, basements are extremely susceptible to leaks. You value your basement, so if you notice even a slight leak in your basement, then you must contact an expert contractor to install a GrateSump.

Many people have attempted DIY improvements to their home, but when it comes to your basement you need an expert. Contact a contractor in your area to assess the situation. They will examine your basement, and make the proper recommendations.

One of the most popular recommendations is to install a GrateSump. GrateSumps are especially effective at dealing with water that is seeping in from under your basement, rendering your basement unusable and threatening your foundation. GrateSump will remove the water from under your basement quickly, and without threatening your foundation. This product is extremely easy for homeowners to use and is also extremely easy to maintain. If you have any water seeping into your basement, then you cannot go wrong with a GrateSump.

There are many products on the market that can address water seepage in the basement, but only one deals with the issue quickly, safely, and in a way that is easy to maintain. If you wish to make your basement a wonderful asset to your family, then you should contact us today to schedule your GrateSump installation. You definitely will be glad you did.

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Irritated by Iron? Ask Our NJ Basement Specialists About GrateSump

New Jersey’s iron-bearing rocks and soil have long allowed minerals to seep into the state’s aquifer. Although normal and perfectly safe for living creatures, iron rich water doesn’t bode well for a home’s plumbing system. It traditionally causes a number of problems, including dehumidifier and sump pump clogs. At least that was the norm until the GrateSump came on to the market.

Don’t Let Your New Jersey Basement Flood with Hard Water

Our New Jersey basement specialists and waterproofing contractors have found it to be one of the best weapons in the fight against iron clogs. To begin with, the versatile GrateSump is designed to maximize water flow without adding to a home’s existing humidity, plumbing and foundation problems. Easy to maintain, they are compatible with dehumidifiers and back up pumping systems too.

Best Basement Water Control Systems in NJ Aren’t Beaten by Iron

Speaking of which, there are dehumidifiers and back up pumping systems that are ideal for homes with hard water. We often recommend that our clients use systems that include advance alarm alerts and efficient pumps. They go a long way in heading off iron problems. Similar may be said for running dehumidifiers with distilled or otherwise softened water. In addition, the periodic use of lime scale removal products may help too.

In certain situations, hard water may create staining around damaged foundations and basement areas prone to flooding. Oftentimes, the stains are further ingrained into a home’s floors and walls thanks to iron-fixing bacteria. The good news is they may be safely addressed as well. Furthermore, once the GrateSump and related components are in place, chances are the risk of staining and bacteria formation will reduce significantly.

Solve New Jersey’s Basement Flooding Problems Now

To find out if a GrateSump should be a part of your New Jersey home’s basement water control solution, please contact us at Select Basement Waterproofing today. Our basement and waterproofing experts are ready to conduct evaluations and offer the best solutions to everyone that reaches out to us today.