Is Mold Growth Affecting the Air You Breathe?


Mold Growth Can Cause Problems in Your Home

You may not of heard of the Stack Effect, but I’d be willing to bet you’ve more than likely experienced it in your home. Stack effect occurs when the air begins to warm inside of your home, and negative pressure causes the air in the lower parts of the home to rise into the upper floors of your home. This can eventually cause mold to grow in your home with all the moisture in the air.

Today, our homes are more energy efficient, creating a tighter seal between the inside of your home and the elements outside. This tighter seal means greater negative pressure, which means more basement or crawl space air rising into your living room. As you can imagine, a neglected wet and moldy basement makes all the difference in this situation!

Mold can form faster than you think

It only takes 24-48 hours for toxic mold to begin to infest a wet basement, so you can image what a few years can do. Don’t wait any longer! Prevent those mold spores from entering other parts of your home by identifying and repairing the source of water intrusion. Need help locating the source of the water? Contact us for a free inspection and evaluation, and we’d be happy to come out!