3 Major Causes of Basement Moisture in Woodbridge NJ and Effective Remedies

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Basement Moisture in Woodbridge NJ

If your home is built over a basement or crawl space it is highly likely that you are experiencing moisture problems in these spaces. According to American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) 60% of American homes suffer from basement moisture and 38% of these run the risk of toxic mold growth.

Why Care about Water in Basements?

The damage that is caused by such moisture cannot be underestimated. The National Foundation Repair Association, Inc. (NAFR) says over 70% of their members’ projects have to do with foundation damage caused by water leakage. What’s more, the risk of toxic mold growth to families is well detailed in studies by EPA.

Your family is at risk of respiratory complications, eye and skin irritation among other health issues due to such mold growth. Wooden foundation supports are also at risk of rotting which compromises your home’s structural integrity. High indoor humidity level also increase chances of bacteria growth and also diminishes quality of indoor air.

Major Causes and Solutions for Basement Moisture

Here are some major causes of basement water and techniques contractors prefer to correct them:

  1. Surface Runoff

Flowing water on the surface poses great danger to your basement. It causes lateral hydrostatic pressure against walls which eventually seep through wall cracks and gaps. Crawl bowl effect where porous soil stands next to walls also causes basement water. Your contractor will correct the poor grading to force water away from your walls. Other techniques include external water proofing and installation of a weeping tile in your yard.

  1. Subsurface Water

If your basement is constantly wet even when there are no storms your foundation might be sitting on a high water table. When the water level rises, pressure against your concrete floor forces water through the floor. The most applicable solution here is use of a sump pump which automatically drains such rising water away from your basement. An interior drainage system along the walls can also be used in conjunction with the sump pump depending on the level of subsurface water.

  1. Condensation

This is one of the most overlooked causes of basement moisture but your contractor will help identify if this is the major cause. Condensation shows up in form of droplets on walls and the floors. It occurs when warm air through vent windows comes into contact with un-insulated pipes or cold surfaces in the room. Use of a dehumidifier in the basement has been found to work effectively in drawing away moisture in the basement to avoid damage.

There are many other techniques to remedy basement moisture including improving surface drainage, proper basement window well drainage among others. The bottom-line is that this is a problem that you can’t dare ignore.