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How Long Will It Take To Level My Foundation? 

Foundation movement is a normal process. Foundation settlement occurs as the home sinks slowly into the soil until it achievesunderpin 300x200 How Long Will It Take To Level My Foundation? Trenton NJ stability. This process is very slow and does not result in damage to the home. However, there are times when the shifting of the foundation is sudden and uneven. This can occur in cases such as frost heaving when the soils beneath the foundation are unstable, or even because of the expanding soils. When the foundation shifts unevenly, it can place a strain on the foundation walls resulting in cracks and structural damage throughout the home. Fortunately, basement systems are available to level the home and provide support. 

How Long Will Leveling My Foundation Take? 

If you’re a homeowner considering investing in basement systems for the leveling of your home, you may be wondering how long it will take to level your home. This depends on various factors including those listed below:

1. The Severity of Damage to Your Foundation

The extent of damage to your foundation plays a vital role in determining how much time will be needed to repair it. If foundation shifting has resulted in significant structural damage to your foundation, the leveling of your foundation will also include repairs to your foundation. This will increase the time required for the whole process to be completed.

2. The Type of Basement Systems Being Applied 

There are various basement systems available for leveling foundations. These include the application of helical piers, mudjacking, and underpinning as well as the use of hydraulic jacks. The specific method used for the repair of your foundation will depend on the cause of the shifting. Different techniques require different timelines to complete the leveling of the home. It would be wise to discuss the various options with your contractor and determine which option would be most suitable for you.

3. The Size and Design of the House 

The size and design of the house will play a vital role in determining just how long the process of leveling takes. It generally takes a longer time to level a larger house compared to smaller-sized homes. In addition, a complex floor plan will take a longer time to level as there are several features to be navigated. It also takes longer to level homes with multiple stories or unique architectural features.

4. The Soil Conditions

The type of soil on your property will influence how long it takes to level your home. Different types ofbasement lowering new jersey 5 1 225x300 How Long Will It Take To Level My Foundation? Trenton NJ soil have different load-bearing capacities. The soil type under your foundation will influence the basement systems that can be applied to level the home. You may also require additional work to stabilize the soil or for other remediation. All of the additional work will impact the time required to complete the project. 

Other factors that influence the length of time required for leveling a home’s foundation include weather conditions, access to the foundation as well as permitting and inspection processes. 

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