Basement Waterproofing – Methods That Can Work in Morganville, NJ

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Basement Waterproofing – Methods That Can Work in Morganville, NJ

Do you struggle with keeping water out of your basement? Does your basement seem to flood every time it rains? A flooded basement can cause a lot of damage, both to your belongings and to the overall structure. That is why you should invest in some type of basement waterproofing. There are several methods of basement waterproofing available, ranging from simple gutter installations to major drainage systems.

Check out a few of your options for basement waterproofing. basement 926 008 300x225 Basement Waterproofing – Methods That Can Work in Morganville, NJ

1. Remove shrub overgrowth

Shrubs and other plants that are too close to your home can cause basement flooding. This is because water tends to flow along the roots of the greenery. If they are too close, the water will flow out and into your basement. Remove all greenery and replant them further away from the home.

2. Exterior grading

The grounds that surround your home should always slope away from it. That way, any water that pools around your property during a storm has a place to go. If your land slopes towards your home or is flat, you run the risk of having water pour into your basement.

This is especially important if you have driveways or concrete pathways around your home. Unlike soil that can absorb the water, water that falls on concrete will simply pool and possibly end up in your basement.

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3. Gutters

For a drainage system to work properly, you need to have gutters installed. It is not enough to just ensure that they have been installed properly. You also want to keep them clean so that they do not get filled with debris. This will allow the water to continuously flow through them and away from your home.

4. Crack repair

Cracks in your basement are a sign of damage to your foundation, either from water or other causes. If you see any cracks, you want to get them fixed as soon as possible to prevent more damage. Small, hairline cracks can easily be patched by an amateur, but larger cracks should be inspected by a professional expert.

Interior basement waterproofing

Here are three types of interior basement waterproofing available:

  • A silicate-based sealer can be brushed onto walls that have not been painted or sealed already. This creates a waterproof surface.
  • A concrete waterproof coating is applied with a brush onto concrete surfaces that have not been painted.
  • Waterproof paint can be applied to unpainted or painted walls.

These are just a few options to consider when waterproofing basements. For more options, contact your local contractor.

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