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If you have a home with a basement, your basement must remain dry. A wet basement can lead to a wide range of issues that are unpleasant and costly. It is less expensive, more convenient, and smarter to have the problem handled at the first sign of water or moisture in the basement. It is something that homeowners should be aware of, and you do not have to find puddles or inches of water in the basement, to have a problem. Even moisture in the basement can lead to mold, mildew, rot, staining, rusting, and pest problems. Basement waterproofing ensures that your basement remains dry.

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Outside the House

Excavation is an option done from the outside. A team comes in and digs down to the footers of the house. This method is known as positive-side waterproofing. During this process, several things take place.

  • If footer tiles need repair, it gets done during this process.
  • The walls of the basement get sealed. That adds a protective, waterproof membrane to the area so that water remains out.
  • The room then gets backfilled.

Repairs from the Inside

Repairs from the inside of the basement are known as negative-side waterproofing. It is an excellent option for many homeowners. It is much less disruptive than excavation. If water enters the basement by coming up through the floor or walls, this option works. A drain or drains get installed to lead the water out of the basement.  Often a sump pump is also installed, together with the pipes and the sump pump work to keep your basement dry.

In and Out Waterproofing

A multi-step process seals both inside and outside cracks that could be allowing water to come in. This process is less intrusive than excavation since the technicians dig the soil out by hand. The basement waterproofing technicians then inspect the walls from the outside and inside, making repairs as they are needed. The technicians will also install a drain, check footers, and make repairs. A perforated crock and pressure relief system also get installed during this process.

The first step to a dry basement is calling for an inspection from an experienced and expert basement waterproofing company. Once your review is complete, you and the skilled technician can discuss the various options available to you in greater detail and help you choose the one that works for your home and your budget.

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