Why You Should Choose Crawl Shield to Keep Your Crawl Space Dry

Crawl Shield

Crawl Shield

Waterproofing a crawl space is hard work. It isn’t something any homeowner would like to do again if possible. It’s not only labor intensive but it can also be expensive and invasive. It’s therefore not surprising that you’ll want to spend money on a waterproofing system that is not only effective but also durable.

There are many different solutions for waterproofing in the market. However, not all solutions are created the same. Every solution has its benefits and disadvantages. Here, we discuss reasons to choose Crawl Shield for waterproofing your crawl space.

  1. Keeps out moisture

The membrane is effective at keeping moisture out of your crawl space. When the entire crawl space is encapsulated in the membrane, it will effectively keep moisture out and reduce condensation. Your crawl space will remain dry and free of mold.

  1. Keeps radon gas out

The membrane is effective in improving indoor air quality. It will not only ensure that the air is free of moisture and mold spores by keeping the crawl space dry, but it will also keep radon gas out. Radon is a gas that occurs in the soil. It is radioactive, odorless, colorless and tasteless. It has been shown to cause lung cancer.

  1. Creates a safe space for storage

The membrane can be used to completely close off the crawl space. This creates a clean and dry storage space. You can store items that are not used often in the space and be sure that they are safe.

  1. Keep the pests out

Crawl spaces provide the ample environment for many pests such as rats and cockroaches. However, with the help of Crawl Shield, you can keep pests out of your crawl space. The membrane is strong. Pests will find it difficult to penetrate. It will keep out large and small pests alike.

  1. Easy to install

Many waterproofing contractors that use this membrane find it easy to install. Many are able to install the membrane within a matter of hours depending on the size of the crawl space. You therefore only have to put up with the invasion of your home for only a few hours.

  1. Affordable

This is one of the most affordable solutions in the market. You get great value for your money.

Contact a waterproofing professional to discuss your options for your crawl space. Ensure that you only use a professional and licensed contractor for the installation process.