Common Causes for Basement Leaks in Morganville NJ


Basement Leaks in Morganville NJ

Most homeowners are quick to assume that a basement leaks is a result of poor or improper building methods, but that is not always the case. Basement leaks are affected by numerous factors such as rain water management, drainage system, hydrostatic pressure and basement construction framework. Let’s take a look at the most common causes for basement leaks.

Water pressure

The foundation of a home can experience water pressure either laterally due to absorption of excess water by the soil that surrounds it, or from under the surface due to rise in ground water levels leading to floor cracks. Both these situations can cause water to seep through and lead to a basement leaks.

Wall leaks

Your basement walls may lead to leaks due to cracks in the surface that may have developed due to water pressure or deterioration over time. If the basement was built using brick or stone, chances are the mortar that snugly holds each block has allowed water to seep through. In case it uses a concrete construction, it may be caused due to the formation of honeycomb cavities in the wall.

Drainage leaks and clogs

If the sewer pipe suffers a leak, then it naturally affects your basement. Some signs of a drainage leak are stains or  molds on the ceiling, in the vicinity of the problematic sewer pipe in question. Sometimes the sewer line to your home or the local municipal line can get clogged, causing the sewer water to back into the drainage system in your house, and in turn lead to basement moisture and leaks.
A basement waterproofing professional can diagnose the issue that is causing leaks in your basement and help fix it.