Crawl Space Seepage and Encapsulation

crawl space seepage

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Is Crawl Space Seepage Making Its Way Into Your Living Room?

For those of us with crawl spaces, it’s easy to forget they’re there. Half of the time, they’re closed away behind a trapped door in our closets or pantries, used for holiday storage and forgotten most of the year. Therefore, we may not notice any crawl space seepage until it’s too late.

Make sure your home is healthy

However, not taking care of your crawl space can yield damaging results; both to the health of your home, as well as the health of your family.

You may be surprised to learn that up to 40% of the air you breathe upstairs comes from your basement or crawl space! According the US Environmental Protection Agency, the average human breathes about 3,000 gallons of air per day, and air pollution can take up to 1-2 years off of the average person’s life span.

I don’t know about you, but those numbers are pretty scary! Now think about all the years you’ve let water seep into and sit in your crawl space––allowing toxic mold to spawn and reproduce (Oh, which only takes about 24 hours by the way).

Addressing your crawl space seepage through waterproofing and total encapsulation can be a GREAT way to improve the air quality in the rest of your home.

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