Creative Ideas for Basement Storage in Trenton NJ

basement storage in trenton nj

Basement Storage in Trenton NJ

Everybody loves a house with a basement. Even if it is just used for storage, the basement is a luxury of untapped space. While the livable basement is the vogue right now, if you don’t have the budget to convert your unfinished basement to living space, create an organized storage area.

The key is organizing your basement

The trick to any storage is organizing. Remember, most people have too much stuff so it is OK to go through your stuff, especially if you buy something new. A good rule is to throw away something old for everything you buy new. This theory helps you not get too much stuff. Too much stuff is the death of organizing and staying organized. Once you have purged the items that you never, ever use or don’t want anymore it is time to find their proper place in the storage zone.

Store less frequently used items in the basement

Obviously, the stuff you put in the basement shouldn’t be your everyday items. All of your every day, every week, and even every month, stuff should be more accessible than stored in the basement. Every day items should be stored in accessible drawers. Stuff you use every week should be in cupboards and pantries on the main living area in the room where it will be most used. The items you use about every month can be in the top of the closet—away but not too far away. Items stored in the basement should be once or twice a year items. Holiday decorations are a great example of a good basement storage item.

The exception is if you need to use the basement storage in Trenton NJ as more like a pantry or for bulk item storage. If you need this type of storage make sure the daily or weekly items are accessible. Storage shelves are good for the pantry-type items needed for storage in the basement. Make sure your storage shelves are fully accessible. Don’t fill up your shelves with your Costco toilet paper and then stack boxes in front of them. It will make it a pain to get to the stuff you need.

Have an organized system so you know where everything is

Organize the items you want to store by likeness. For example, all the Christmas stuff should be together and all the sports equipment should be together. Another common sense tip, but it has to be said. Taking the time to make sure all your ski boots are stored with your poles will save you time when it is time to hit the slopes.

Be aware that basements can flood

Basement storage in NJ may be a little different from other storage space in your house. Remember, the basement is below ground so the environment will be different than the upper levels of the house. Make sure that you don’t store cardboard boxes or any other organic material storage containers on the floor. Storage boxes should be plastic and at least six inches off the ground. Basement can flood and it is easier to just keep the plastic storage boxes off the ground than to deal with soggy, cardboard boxes after a basement flood.

Waterproof Your Basement

Even with that, any water issues should be dealt with in the basement. Never store anything in the basement if there are signs of water issues without taking care of them. Visible standing water, water stains, peeling paint, water bubbles, mildew, mold, musty odors or foundation cracks are all signs of water issues in the basement. Even if you are just using the basement as storage it makes sense to fix any water issues to create a dry, basement environment. Then if you ever wanted to convert the basement into living space it is already prepped with the proper waterproofing and drainage systems.

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