Do’s & Don’ts For Basement Finishing – Trenton, NJ

Are you planning for the finishing of your basement? You may have come across various basement systems designed to help you with this. The following are some tips to help you get the best results no matter which systems you choose to use.


  1. Include systems for the elimination of moisture

Moisture is your basement’s worst enemy. It is therefore important to eliminate it before you embark on finishing your basement. Don’t let moisture ruin the finished product. Install basement systems that will help to eliminate moisture including waterproofing membranes, vapor barriers, and French drains.

  1. Check building codes

It’s always a good idea to first check with building codes and local legislation before implementing a system. You should be sure that the system you intend to implement meets building code requirements.

  1. Take advantage of the positive

Unfinished basements may not seem like much but they do have some positive aspects that you can take advantage of. A good place to start is natural light. Look for egress window systems that will help you take advantage of natural lighting for your basement.


  1. Try to finish the whole basement area

It is important to consider space for utilities such as the storage of luggage, tools, and other seasonal items. This means that not all your basement would need to be finished. You can save money by spending a premium on the living space and leaving the utility space unfinished.

  1. Try to do it yourself

There are many do it yourself kits available in the market. While these kits encourage homeowners to carry out many of the repairs and renovations on their own, they don’t provide you with the many benefits that a skilled and experienced contractor would provide. There’s a good chance that you will overlook various aspects of the repair and renovation of your basement and end up with damage that is even more expensive and difficult to repair. Some jobs are better left to the professionals.

  1. Go cheap

Don’t be tempted to go cheap when it comes to investing in basement systems. Contractors who offer cheap solutions often have had to cut corners somewhere to be able to offer low prices. Learn to read between the lines and choose systems that offer good value for money.

Whatever systems you choose for your basement, ensure that you consider their long-term benefit.