Egress Windows for a Safe Basement

egress windows

Egress Windows

Egress windows are a requirement for the safety of a basement apartment. Building code requires that these windows be installed for emergency purposes. It is therefore common for homeowners to look at these windows as an obligation and fail to see the opportunities they present.

Egress window can not only provide a basement with more light but can also make a basement apartment a safer and healthier space in which to live.

The following are examples of strategically installed windows that make a big difference to basement apartments:

  • Kitchen

A kitchen is a necessary part of any apartment. It is also one of the most active areas of an apartment. Installing a window in the portion of a basement apartment that houses the kitchen can help to reduce humidity as well as smells resulting from cooking.

Kitchen windows also offer a great opportunity for kitchen gardens that can brighten up the apartment.

  • Bedroom

The bedroom section of a basement apartment should be calm and warm. However, adding a window can add a great deal to the appeal of the space. You get to watch the sun rise as you lie in bed especially if your window is an east-facing one.

Windows in the bedroom space can help to regulate temperatures especially in summer. They can help to keep the space cool and allow fresh air into the space, therefore promoting the health of the occupants.

  • Bathroom

You may think that adding a window to the bathroom of a basement apartment may be intrusive. However, a bathroom window will go a long way in not only making the bathroom a light and airy space but also in keeping moisture levels low in the apartment. Steam and moisture in the air can be vented out through the window. This ensures that the rest of the apartment remains dry and free of mold.

When choosing egress windows, it is important to consider the design and layout of the basement apartment. Consider what your windows will be adding to the space. The additional light as well as the opportunity to provide ventilation is a great motivation for the installation of windows in different parts of the apartment.

Ensure that you consult with a professional contractor from the beginning. This will help you select the right windows and identify the right places to have them installed. It will also ensure that you meet building code requirements.