Foundation Cracks – How Do They Affect Your Home? Trenton, NJ

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Foundation Cracks – How Do They Affect Your Home? Trenton, NJ

Are you dealing with foundation cracks? Have you noticed crumbling of your foundation walls? Cracks and crumbling of basement walls are not only aesthetically unappealing but also dangerous. They will not only decrease the value of your home but can also be a sign of foundation issues that could put you and your household in danger. 

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Why your foundation wall is crumbling

The most common causes for crumbling concrete foundation walls include:

Poor choice of materials

The choice of materials during construction of the foundation is important for the longevity of the structure. If substandard materials were used for the construction, the consequences will show up in the deterioration of the structure. Crumbling is only one way.

Crumbling and cracks may also occur as a result of not achieving a good mix of materials. Concrete should be mixed using the right ratio of materials to achieve a strong finish. Poor mixing practices can result in deterioration of the concrete wall.

Excessive moisture

Excessive moisture can not only cause foundation cracks but also result in the crumbling of the foundation wall. This exposure to excessive moisture is usually the result of poor soil drainage. The crumbling may be preceded by cracking of the foundation wall.

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Crack in a white wall with cement brick surface

What to do when you discover your foundation is crumbling

A crumbling foundation is a dangerous foundation. It is a sign of failure that could result in serious structural problems. The following are steps to take if you’ve discovered that your foundation is crumbling.

  1. Have your home inspected by a licensed foundation repair contractor. The inspection should address any issues with your foundation and not just the area that has shown cracking or crumbling. This is because foundation issues are often interconnected and the result of various issues. You’ll need to address the different issues in order to experience long term results.
  2. Compare quotations from at least three different service providers. Compare the solutions provided as well as the cost. The solution should not only address the repair of the cracking or crumbling but also the root cause. Choose the solution that offers the best value for money.
  3. Contact your insurance company to find out if the repairs will be covered under your homeowner’s policy or not.
  4. Engage the contractor and have the walls repaired as soon as possible.

Crumbling and cracking foundations can be a danger to you and your household. Ensure that they are repaired by a foundation repair professional.

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