Foundation Floor Cracks, What Next?

foundation floor cracks

Does Your Home Have Foundation Floor Cracks?

Foundation floor cracks can be found in the majority of homes across New Jersey. The trick is knowing when to take action.

If your home wasn’t built last week, and we’re willing to bet it wasn’t, you’ve probably noticed a few cracks in the foundation floor by now. These are caused by a variety of factors ranging from increased moisture and water pressure, to settlement and structural deficiency. Luckily more serious foundation issues can be identified and prevented if you catch them early enough.

So what can you do about your foundation floor cracks? Let’s take a look at the facts.

1. How large is the crack? Are we talking hairline, 1/4″? Larger?

Larger foundation floor cracks can signify a bigger structural issue, especially if both sides of the crack are shifting and moving away from one another. Give your local foundation repair company a call, to be on the safe side.

2. Have you noticed mold, mildew, fungi, weeds, or insects?

Okay, sounds gross––we know. But it can happen. Cracks in your foundation floor expose your home to the elements, allowing for a variety of potential intruders. Save the weed killer for your driveway, not your basement.

3. Any dark staining or moisture? During a rain storm, do you notice water coming up out of the cracks?

If so, ensure your primary sump pump is working. Don’t have one? You may need to consider installing an interior french drain/pump system. Check for dark staining as well, this can be a sign of moisture.