Four Of The Best Basement Egress Window Installation Tips You’ll Read This Year


Too often, people are unable to escape a building burning. However, ensuring there are escape routes is critical. That is why it is important to have a basement egress window. Not only does it provide a source of light, but it is an escape route for the building occupants in the event of a fire. There are many factors to consider when installation an egress window in the basement. You need to consider several factors to maximize its function. If we may be so bold, we have some great egress window installation tips. So great, in fact, that they may just be the best four tips you see all year.

  • Location, location, location! Be aware before you have that hole cut in your home to carefully consider the location of the basement egress window. It will affect the appearance of your home, so think about what it will look like from the outside. Finally, ensure that it will permit enough light into the basement.
  • Before cutting the hole on the wall, make sure there aren’t items such as water pumps or electrical wires in the area that could be damaged or compromised in some way.
  • Don’t allow anyone to dig the hole without ensuring the foundation is strong enough to support the window. Also, make sure the measurements taken are accurate. It may be a good idea to draw an outline of the window on the wall before starting to dig.
  • Remember that the thickness of basement walls vary. Therefore, some walls are easier to cut that others. This is another consideration that could affect where the window can be placed.

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