Hurricane Season is Not Over: Basement Waterproofing Solutions


Waterproofing Solutions

We all remember hurricane Sandy, and recently had a scare with Joaquin, which thankfully veered off into the ocean before it created too much damage in the Jersey area. Of course, the media had us all hyped up and worried for a good week beforehand, and then it turned out we were spared. Officially, hurricane season runs through November 30th, so there’s still a chance of some storms coming our way. If your basement or crawlspace collects water with a lot of rain, waterproofing solutions can take care of that problem.

We don’t remind you of hurricane season as a scare tactic, but just to let you know there are solutions to your problem. If the news reports of Joaquin made your blood pressure rise because you knew it could cause some damage, then don’t sit idly by waiting for the next hurricane. Some very simple changes could help your home weather these storms with minimal damage.

At Select Basement Waterproofing, we can come look at your situation and determine the best course of action. We won’t try to sell you anything you don’t need, but will just offer our recommendations in a free consultation.

Every home is different, so what works for your neighbor might not work for you. Maybe the slope of your yard is the problem, and a french drain will divert water in a different direction. Sometimes hairline cracks to the foundation allow water to seep in, which can be easily repaired. Other times, a home’s foundation was not correctly waterproofed at the time it was built, and, an application of a waterproofing product or vapor barrier is well worth the investment. Sump pumps and dehumidifiers are also possibilities to help keep your basement dry.

If you’re a homeowner and heavy rain in the forecast concerns you, a simple call can start you on the road to getting the problem solved. We’ve taken care of some pretty serious water problems with fairly simple solutions. For more information, contact us.