Interior and Exterior French Drain Solutions

French Drain

French Drain

If you’re having a problem with basement moisture, you may need to install a French drain. This can be a great asset to your home. It offers various advantages including:

  1. It is an effective long term solution for moisture problems

If you want to keep water from flooding your basement, then a French drain is a great solution. This feature will direct water away from the foundation and keep it from causing a flood or other moisture problems. You won’t have to deal with a wet or messy basement ever again.

  1. It is easy to install

This solution for basement moisture is easy to install and requires no maintenance. With the help of an experienced contractor, you can have it installed within a few hours and begin to enjoy the benefits of a dry basement.

  1. It is a green solution

These drains rely on gravity for their function. If you’re looking for an economical and green way to direct water away from your basement, then this is the best solution. You can go a step further by requesting your contractor to use eco-friendly materials for the construction of your drain.

The only difficultly you’ll experience with this solution is deciding on whether you want to have an exterior or interior drain tile.

Interior Drains

An interior drain tile will not prevent water from finding its way into the basement. However, it will collect and guide water into a well where a sump pump can pump it out of the basement. Installing the drain tile involves cutting a channel in the floor along the perimeter of your basement. The soil below the floor is excavated and the drain tile installed. A well and sump pump are also installed in the basement.

Exterior Drains

Exterior drains help prevent water from penetrating the basement walls. The installation involves the excavation of the ground around the basement and installing the drain along the footings and foundation walls. There is no sump pump required in a system where water is guided away from the basement walls and into the storm drain. An exterior sump pump may be installed if the water is not guided to the storm drain.

Talk to your basement contractor and determine which method of waterproofing is best for your basement. Consider the pros and cons of each solution before making your final decision.