Do You Need Foundation Repair in Morganville NJ

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Foundation Repair in Morganville NJ

Every homeowner takes pride in their home. A lot of time and resources go into making a home comfortable and for most homeowners, home improvement projects are a lifetime undertaking. With most home improvement projects focusing on aesthetics and functionality of the property, one area that receives little attention is foundation repair.

Most homeowners wait until it is tool late before initiating foundation damage inspection and repair. Failure to repair your home’s foundation early could lead to structural failure, flood damage in the basement, health risks caused by mold growth in the basement, diminished value of your home among other risks. When you consider the sacrifices you made to buy or build your house, it becomes obvious that repairing a damaged foundation must be a priority.

With this in mind, it is important to be proactive in home maintenance to ensure any form of foundation damage is detected early as this allows you to initiate immediate repairs. Some of the warning signs of foundation damage that you should be one the lookout for include:

  1. Water in the Basement

Foundation cracks caused by a bowing or bulging foundation could allow water entry due to unrelenting lateral pressure from the soil surrounding the walls. Water seepage through foundation walls comprises the integrity of the foundation and also poses the risk of flood damage. Water in the basement also leads to toxic mold growth, which causes health problems. Rusting, wood rot, effervescence on walls and peeling wall paint are signs of water seepage into the basement.

  1. Developing Gaps between Structures

If you have noticed Gaps between caulking and windows or doors, or between the crown molding and the ceiling, it is highly likely you are dealing with foundation damage. The gradual movement of the foundation walls causes these structures to pull apart and you should immediately call in a certified foundation contractor for diagnostic tests and foundation repair.

  1. Cracks in different Parts of the Structure

In addition to foundation cracking, you should also look for zig-zag cracks in a brick wall, interior walls on the dry wall, stair case cracks, and floor cracks among others. You should never initiate crack repairs with epoxy or other sealants without first carrying out a thorough inspection of the foundation.

  1. Structure Movement

Gaps are also common when the foundation is moving due to any form of damage, so lookout for gaps between caulking and windows or doors and also between crown molding and the ceiling.

Other things to look for include movement of patios away from the main house, sloping of floors, bowed basement walls, Sunken Floors, jamming doors and windows. Any of these signs necessitates foundation repair by a certified foundation contractor.