Did You Account for Radon Gas in the Design of Your French Drain

French drains

French Drain

When considering the design of a French drain, many home owners will be mostly concerned about its capacity to deal with the water problem in their basement. However, it is important to note that these systems are meant to deal with much more than just water problems.

Radon Gas

While water seepage is a serious problem in basements, it isn’t the worst thing you will face when it comes to the basement. Radon gas is even more dangerous than water damage or mold that result from water seepage problems.

Radon gas occurs in the soil. It can seep up through the soil and into the air of the basement. It can then be dispersed in the air within the home as a result of stack effect. It is a tasteless, colorless and odorless gas. It is therefore impossible to tell if your home is affected without professional inspection and testing.

Radon gas is considered dangerous because it is known to cause cancer. Studies show that it is the leading cause of cancer in non-smokers. Data from the National Academy of Sciences shows that there are over 21,000 deaths attributed to Radon exposure annually.

Keeping Radon Gas in the Ground

Radon gas is often difficult to deal with. It can seep through the natural gaps in the floor. It can also seep through vapor barriers. Homes are often at risk without even knowing it.

It is especially important to consider radon gas when designing your French Drain. Installing the drain may leave your home exposed to the deadly gas. Your first step to protecting yourself is having your basement tested for radon gas. This involves the use of a highly sensitive air quality analyzer.

The second step is to invest in a system that is designed to keep radon gas in the ground. Such as system would be a closed system that does not allow radon gas and other gaseous pollutants enter the basement.

One such system is the Grate Drain system. It is specifically designed to ensure a healthier indoor environment for households. The system addresses various issues in the basement including water seepage, humidity as well as chemical pollutants that are present in the soil.

The system is designed to provide protection as well as durability. It will ensure that your basement remains waterproof while keeping your home environment safe and healthy.

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