Select Basement Now Performs House Jacking!

house jacking

House Jacking

We’ve recently made a new addition to our already extensive line of top quality professional services, house jacking. By adding this capability, we are providing yet another service we can offer our valued customers. By offering as many top quality services as we can, we believe we can better serve our customers.

When should you consider house jacking?

So what is house jacking and when should you use it? Well, sometimes depending on the condition of the soil around your home, your foundation can begin to sink into the ground. You’ll notice this sort of thing when dry wall or plaster walls begin to crack upstairs, windows and sliding doors become difficult to open and close, or you literally notice the floors in your home sinking in or becoming unlevel. The major shifting in your home’s foundation is a very serious structural issue, and can introduce water and moisture, harmful mold, and unwelcome critters into your home.

Since there’s really no way to change the composition of the soil around your home, most homeowners have to resort to jacking the house. House jacking is a difficult procedure that requires a professional touch, so it’s best not to attempt this on your own. Contact us for more information!

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