Take a Minute to Appreciate the Risks of Crawl Space Moisture in East Brunswick NJ 08816

crawl space waterproofing

An article published on Contracting Business in 2013 posits that over 30% of all new homes built in low lying areas in the U.S are built on crawl spaces. This might not look like a big issue until you factor a study by Basement Health Association (BHA) which reports over 70% of such structures have crawl space moisture problems.

Why then do contractors allow such spaces underneath your home? The answer lies in the water table level. If it is high, building a basement would be akin to building an underground indoor swimming pool filled with filthy ground water.

The Water Leak Problems

The viability of this mode of construction is a debate that has been ongoing for years in the industry. In the meantime, you need to deal with moisture leakage promptly. Such issues arise in case of:

  • Standing bulk water: This arises mostly if you have a leaking drain tile, clogged pipes, poorly laid downspouts, poor grading, among other issues. The water thus drips to the easiest basin which happens to be beneath your home.
  • Moisture evaporation from the ground: Crawl spaces feature an earthen floor which is prone to evaporation. Over time, soil becomes saturated and water starts collecting posing danger to your property.
  • Condensation of outdoor air: If you have a vented space underneath your structure, it is most likely that your contractor convinced you the issue of moisture collection is solved. Well, the National Association of Realtors (NAR®) reckons that warm air flowing into the space raises relative humidity eventually leading to moisture collection.

Dangers of Crawl Space Moisture in East Brunswick NJ 08816

To appreciate the gravity of the matter, consider some of these risks that your home faces:

  1. Health hazards: BHA reckons that high humidity levels beneath leads to toxic mold growth. These spores eventually find their way indoors leading to allergic reactions among other respiratory complications.
  2. Structural damage: Most homes lay on wooden joists which are prone to water damage. With rotting of these supporting beams, your home will be at risk of collapse hence the need for prompt corrective measures.
  3. Pest infestations: Rodents love areas that are moist and if you should not be surprised if you start noticing mice and other vermin crisscrossing your property. These carry diseases and also cause untold damage to utility lines

What do you do then about crawl space moisture in East Brunswick NJ 08816? The fix must start with a diagnostic test by a certified contractor. These professionals can then choose from among a range of solutions such as interior French drain tile, sump pump installation and encapsulation of the entire space, grading, metal flashing, among other effective measures.

Whatever you do, never take this problem for granted lest you lose your precious investment.