Understanding Basement Waterproofing in New Brunswick NJ 08901


Basements are usually more disposed to water infiltration than any other part of the building for the mere fact that these areas are underground. Surface run offs and rising damp cause the most problems for basements that have no waterproof measures installed. Basement waterproofing in New Brunswick NJ 08901 prevents water and moisture from seeping into basements where it does a lot of damage to the structure and the fixtures inside. Moisture causes dampness which is a perfect catalyst for the growth of mold, bacteria and fungi, and we all know the trouble these can cause to people’s health and property.

Techniques of basement waterproofing are aimed at preventing water from entering a basement and they include sealers and drainage systems. The build-up of ground water tends to raise the water table which causes an exertion of hydrostatic pressure against basement walls and floors. This pressure forces water into the basement through cracks and other openings. Waterproofing of basements should be looked at as a means of prolonging the life of any building.

Types of Basement Waterproofing in New Brunswick NJ 08901

Advancement of technology has come up with effective means of waterproofing basements. There are two basic ways through which waterproofing of basements can be done. Below are highlights of these two methods.

  • Interior Waterproofing

With interior basement waterproofing, the work is generally done on the inside of your basement. Typically, this involves techniques that employ the use of special cements or sheet membranes to create a water shield or barrier on the inside. At times, some concrete breakout work is necessary for the waterproofing work to be done properly.

This method is relatively easy and consumes less time as compared to the other method. Since it is an intrusive method, it would certainly see things being moved about and out of the basement. A sump pump is normally installed to remove water that accumulates in the perimeter drains of certain interior waterproofing systems.

  • Exterior Waterproofing

As the name suggests, this method of waterproofing a basement is done on the outside part of the basement. That’s right; you will have to do some excavation for this method. It involves a lot of work and is quite time consuming. For effective waterproofing, suitable water barriers are placed on the external part of the basement walls.

The good thing with the exterior basement waterproofing method, even though it is a load of work, nothing inside the basement is disturbed. Also, sump pumps may not be necessary with this method even though they are sometimes recommended.