Your Wish Is Our Command: Basement Remodeling in Trenton NJ 08601

basement remodeling

Do you feel like the walls of your home are closing in on you? Do you feel like you can’t relax because the kids’ toys are always strewn about in your living space? Do you want to just pack up and move because you need more space, but the thought of leaving your beloved neighborhood brings tears to your eyes? It sounds like you might be in the market for basement remodeling in Trenton NJ 08601, and Select Basement Waterproofing is the company for you.

When most people think of basement remodeling in Trenton NJ 08601, they think of a dark, dingy area that smells of must and sweat socks. It might bring back nostalgic memories of first kisses at high school parties or “borrowed” Budweisers from your dad’s mini-fridge while you and your college buds rung in 1997. That is not the basement remodel you’re in need of now. You need a space that will be aesthetically pleasing to you and your loved ones, offer functional space for your family and guests, and increase your property value when you do decide to sell. You need basement remodeling by Select Basement Waterproofing; we can provide all of these things.

Our four-step foundational process offers you the protection you need to ensure that your basement does not become a leaky, musty, mold remediation zone. The process offers you peace of mind while satisfying the foundation for later aesthetics. Our foundational process is as follows:

  1. Complete Total Basement Waterproofing: Interior and exterior basement walls are cased with a rubber membrane, and the basement floor is protected below the slab.
  2. Install Thermal Barrier: Reflective insulation is installed to lower electricity bills and eliminate wall moisture.
  3. Frame Unsightly Obstructions: HVAC and other obstructions are framed and hidden using either wood or galvanized studs.
  4. Install Choice Rock: You choose: Sheet-Rock, Purple-Rock, Dura-Rock, or Aqua-Fiber Rock, whichever you pick, we know you’ll be pleased!

After the four-part foundational process is finished, you are free to customize until your heart is content. Do you need just a simple office space? We’ve got you covered. Do you HAVE to build a guest space for your… um…wonderful mother-in-law’s impending (I mean upcoming) 3 month visit? We can make her… and you… happy. Do you desire a kick-butt theatre room with an awesome state-of-the-art design? Check out ours! Your wish is our command.

So if you’re ready to turn your current home into your own personal palace, or if you just need some extra space to make your home livable, contact us, Select Basement Waterproofing. We promise you’ll love your basement as much as you love the rest of your home, maybe even a little more!